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Picture Frame

Frame  IMG_2796

This was in the group of things I got for $10 recently. Unfortunately, the canvas  was cracked and rotten and had to be replaced. This is a 12X16 frame so I cut a board this size from 1/4″ mdf board I bought at Home Depot. I cleaned the frame with Lysol wipes and painted frame and board with Annie Sloan Chalky Finish Paint. I cut the floral vine design from vinyl using my Silhouette machine and use it as a stencil. I spray painted the vine gray. I sanded it all and used Annie Sloan Wax to finish it. I then glued the board in with Wood Glue. At this point, I intended to add handles on the ends and make a serving tray but changed my mind. I decided to leave it as wall decor because it was so pretty and I think I will get more use out of it this way. If at some point I change my mind, I can always add the handles and add brackets on back for extra support to make it a serving tray. I added a picture hanger (I had removed original with intention of making tray). It is now hanging over one of my mantels with my Dollar General “home” sign and a few black and white pictures of my kiddos. I love that it is white and bright.


Frame Before After


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