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Doormat Makeover

IMG_2788 IMG_2787

Had I known how cute this could be I would have spent a few more minutes on it. I didn’t even take a before picture because this came about in seconds and I completely forgot. I was walking in the house this afternoon and looked at my outdoor Christmas doormat and thought, I have GOT to go buy a new rug. That’s right, Christmas doormat still out in March. Then, as soon as I stepped in the mudroom, a can of spray paint jumped out at me. I immediately started thinking. I picked up the can and started spraying. I spray painted the whole mat white, then it needed something on it. So I ran in and got some duck tape made a T and got my navy spray paint. Added a coat of navy but then it looked blah. So, I got a paintbrush and added red, white and light blue circles. Now, next time I will put more time into this and I have another Christmas doormat just sitting there waiting on me. I am not posting this because it is a beautiful creation but so you will know not to trash those mats that have faded paint on them. This one was only about 3 months old but used every time we walk in or out. The center of the Christmas design was almost gone because of wiping our feet on it but the actual rug was still in good shape. This was so easy and quick and even though it’s not perfect it looks much better than the Christmas rug. I’ll add pics of the other one after I paint it.

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