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Bathroom Scale Makeover

I saw these old scales at a yard sale a couple of months ago and had to have them. They were $5. They add a little touch of character to my guest bathroom. I know, they look really gross! Trust me, the picture makes them look better than they did.

Scales 1

But I could not wait to get them home and get to work on them. The first thing I did was remove the dial cover and scrub it with soap and water. That is the only thing I took apart on the scales. I was terrified if I took it apart I would never get it back together. Then, I started sanding with my electric hand sander. I sanded them until they were smooth to the touch and almost all they way down to the metal. I also used steel wood on the hard to reach spots. I then sent them to work with my husband who sprayed out the inside with the air compressor. He swears a rat’s nest came out of them!!! Then I sanded the rust off the dial cover.

Scales 2

Now for the tricky part. As you can see below some of the numbers on the paper that was attached to the dial are missing. First, I copied it so I wouldn’t mess up the original. Then, on the copy, I carefully calculated and with a black marker filled in the missing lines. And for the numbers I used my Silhouette Cameo and made new ones (you could have also retyped the # and pieced it together). I am making this sound much easier than it was but….. I got it done and it is accurate.

Scales 3

I wanted to keep this as close to original as possible so I bought Krylon yellow spray paint. I covered the dial area with tape and put about 3 coats on the base of the scale. I spray painted the dial cover with Krylon Mettalic. For the black top I made a template from paper and then used my template to cut the Siser Easyweed Vinyl. This vinyl will holdup outside for several years so I though it was strong enough to handle this. Put it all back together and they look new. And now my guests have scales to use.

Scales 4 Scales 5


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